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Fire & Emergency Medical Services

11 College Credits


DESCRIPTION:  Students in Emergency Services are provided with the basic instruction required for entry-level work or post-secondary training in the fields of Emergency Medical Services and Fire Science. Students will learn to demonstrate problem-solving and critical thinking skills to analyze, synthesize and evaluate situations independently and in teams.

They will apply emergency service response skills to manage an incident scene as a First Responder. Students will make informed, healthy choices that positively affect the health, safety and well-being of themselves and others.

Initial exploration of Emergency Service will include classroom work (lectures, readings, skills, and practicals) and visits with local experts in the field. Students may participate in a ride-along with local first responders and fire departments per the authority of the department chief’s permission and school administration. Embedded credits include: science 1, physical education 1 and 1 math credit is pending approval at the time of this publication (Jan. 2019). This program offers three options for students. All options offer dual enrollment college credits through Vermont Technical College (VTC):


Option #1: Dual Enrollment Credits: 6 for Firefighter I AND 5 for EMT (Totaling 11 Credits!!) Students engage in the two-year program, starting as a Junior, and become a program completer of both Fire Science and EMS programs. This includes achieving the industry recognized credentials of the National Fire Protection Association’s Firefighter I, as well as the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, Emergency Medical Technician credential.


Option #2: Dual Enrollment Credits: 6 for Firefighter I OR 5 for EMT

Students engage in either the Fire Science or Emergency Medical Technical program as separate technical education programs. This can afford a student to take either program as a Junior or Senior while also blending and exploring another portion of a CTE program and/or internship experience. This is not a FES program completer track, but may lead to an industry recognized credential in either EMS or Firefighting.


Option #3: Dual Enrollment Credits: 6 for Firefighter 1OR 5 for EMT

Students engage in both the EMS and Fire Science programs, but concentrate specifically in one or the other program to achieve an industry recognized credential. This option allows students to engage fully in one discipline while exploring the other by being an active student in the entire program. This is also not a program completer track, but may lead to an industry recognized credential in EMS or Firefighting.


Career Opportunities/Possibilities:

Urban Firefighter

Wild Lands Firefighter
Emergency Dispatcher
Emergency Medical Technician
Urban Search and Rescue
Swift Water Response
Fire Suppression System
Design and Installation
Arson Investigator
Fire Marshal
Flight Paramedic
Emergency Department Technician
Wilderness EMT
Technical Rescue Specialist
Emergency Equipment Sales and Repair



GRADE PLACEMENT: 11 – 12 (unless extenuating circumstances occur)

Minimum requirement of 5 students for the program to run



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